Telenor ID Help and FAQ

Telenor ID – Help with login

Are you having problems logging in to one of our apps or services? Here we help you with the most common issues.

Telenor ID is a Single Sign On authentication solution developed and operated by Telenor Digital, on behalf of all mobile operators in Telenor Group.


Login requires additional verification

If we register an unusual login with Telenor ID, we will ask you to provide additional information. This can be a code or a password. You will receive a confirmation code by SMS or e-mail, and you have chosen the password yourself when signing up for Telenor ID.

The first time you log in with Telenor ID, you must verify your email address. If you already have a Telenor ID, we are happy to have an e-mail address registered for you already. You can choose to enter another email address or continue verifying the one you receive.

I cannot receive one-time password on mobile

If your mobile is locked and you can not receive SMS, try selecting email as the recipient of a one-time password. This allows you to log in to your Telenor ID with the email address instead of the mobile number.

Forgot your password?

When you press “Forgot password?” We will send you a code for resetting the password by email or SMS. If you want to change the password, you can do so in Telenor ID settings at


(Suggested visual: Norway is showing the step by step reset password flow, we could consider also, I do believe we can make it more visually appealing than the screenshots below though,I would also suggest to include the first screen including the actual “reset password”-button.)

Forgot your Password?

Error messages when logging in

If login fails, one of these error messages may appear. Select the error message to see what you can do next.


“Your Telenor ID already exists”
In some scenarios you may get the message that your email address already exists on another Telenor ID. When this happens the best way for both you and us, is for you to add your new mobile phone number to the existing Telenor ID instead. By that you ensure you are not losing any older history, or are getting confused by two different Telenor IDs in the future.

You can easily add and remove email addresses and/ or mobile phone numbers under the section Login and security, in Telenor ID settings at

Feel free to check that your information is correct whenever.


“We could not update your password.” 
If you get this message when you reset your password, a technical error has occurred.

If you remember your old password, you can change the password in Telenor ID settings at

If you do not remember your old password, you can retry resetting it later using, by clicking on Forgot Password?


“You have requested too many codes in too short a time.”
For security reasons, it is not possible to request multiple verification codes or reset codes one after the other. If you get this message, you have to wait a while before trying again.


“We were unable to send you a new verification code / reset code”
Make sure your information is correct.

If it is correct, you can try again a little later.

If there is an error in the email address or mobile number, you can change this at Telenor ID settings at Try to log in with the email address if you experience problems logging in from mobile (or vice versa).


“An error has occured”
This is a general error message that may appear when logging in. Check if the problem concerns one or more services by logging in to another app or service that uses Telenor ID.

In case of error related to an app:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Reinstall the app

In the event of a service failure, you can test this:

  • Log in via another browser
  • Remove temporary files from the browser

If the problem persists, or if it applies to multiple apps and services. Contact customer support in your country, contact information found here. (Link to page with contact info to all customer support, below.)

How to contact your customer support?