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Privacy & security
Privacy & security

With Telenor ID you are reducing the risk for fraudulent account takeovers. We handle your privacy according to GDPR requirements.

One-click login
One-click login

With Telenor ID automatic recognition you can log in even with just one click.

One Telenor ID, multiple services

Telenor ID provides the convenience and security of reusing the same login throughout all Telenor apps and services. You create your Telenor ID once, and reuse it for all Telenor services.

Anti-fraud and account takeover protection

Users tend to reuse the same password across several services, which could at one point get compromised. It can lead to an account takeover of each service having the same login credentials.

To protect you from the threat, Telenor ID does not provide a login with only a password. Telenor ID requires a password to log in as part of a 2-step login journey, but never alone.

One-click login with Automatic Recognition

Telenor is a mobile operator, and thus we have access to some unique security measures enabling “Automatic Recognition”. We recognise your mobile number in the mobile network, and trust your device to log in by a one-click confirmation from you as the user.

We are combining this feature with an internal Lifecycle Management system, checking if there has been any porting out or owner change of the mobile numbers used for login lately.

Risk-based login

Telenor ID provides an additional security using risk-based login. We will add an additional login step if we find your context unusual from previous patterns. It may be triggered by logging in from a new location or someone trying to impersonate you using a stolen Telenor ID.

Telenor ID coverage

Telenor ID is a global login solution used in all countries where the Telenor brand operates a mobile network. These countries currently include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Pakistan. In Norway, we integrate 43 services utilizing and providing the one-click SSO convenience.
Telenor ID customer support is managed per country by local mobile operators.

Apps and services using Telenor ID

Telenor ID provides quick, easy, and secure access to all MyTelenor apps and services in each market. MyTelenor is the service Telenor provides for self-service management of your mobile subscriptions.

Privacy aware and GDPR compliant

GDPR is short for the General Data Protection Regulation to ensure European consumers’ digital privacy. Telenor ID is developed in Norway and is GDPR compliant by design.

Self-manage your Telenor ID

Telenor ID provides you with complete control over login methods. You can manage your mobile numbers, email addresses, and password as login methods. You get an overview of all the apps and services you are currently using with the account and revoke access to those you no longer want to use. You can also access your private data and act upon your GDPR rights.

Help & support
Frequently asked questions

Here we help you with the most common issues.

Error messages on login

If login fails, an error message may appear.

Customer support

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